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Poodle (Stantard)
Poodle (Stantard)

Country of Origin: Germany and Central

Group: Companion and Toy Dogs

Section: Poodle

Original Function: water retrieving, performer

Todays Function: companion

Dimension Male: > 38 cm

Dimension Female: > 38 cm

Weight Male: 20-32 kg

Weight Female: 20-27 kg

Litter Size: 3-8 puppies

Life span: 10-13 years

Other Names: Barbone, Caniche

Colors: Many different solid colors are accepted in confirmation including: black, white, brown, sliver, blu

Living: Recently poodles have gained a reputation as "foo-foo" apartment dogs, but the poodle"s history show



The Standard Poodle is an elegant, medium to large-sized dog, with a profuse, but well groomed and clipped, wiry curly coat. The head and muzzle are long. The skull is a bit rounded, with a slight stop. The teeth should form a scissors bite. The ears are wide and hanging close to the head. The eyes are oval and generally very dark. Brown and cafe-au-lait colored Poodles have dark amber eyes, while apricot dogs may have amber eyes, but dark eyes are considered better. The Poodles length from breastbone to rump is approximately the same as the height at the withers. The topline is level except for a slight depression behind the withers. The croup is rounded and the feet are compact, small, and oval. The tail is docked to half the original length. All solid colors are allowed. The coat may be groomed into three basic styles: the "pet clip" (or puppy clip), with relatively short hair all over the entire body, the "English saddle clip," and the "Continental clip," with the rear half of the body shaved, bracelets left around the ankles, and pom-poms left on the tail and hips. The Standard Poodle has a delightful springy gait.


Among the very smartest and most obedient of dogs, the standard poodle combines playful exuberance with a zest for life"s adventures. It retains its hunting heritage and loves to run, swim and retrieve. It gets along well with everyone, although it is somewhat reserved with strangers. It is excellent with children.


All poodles need a lot of interaction with people. They also need mental and physical exercise. A brief but challenging obedience or play session, combined with a walk, should be part of every poodle"s day. Standard poodles will need more exercise and may especially enjoy swimming. No poodle should live outdoors. The show poodle should preferably be brushed every day or weekly for shorter coats. Poodle hair, when shed, does not fall out but becomes caught in the surrounding hair, which can cause matting if not removed. The pet clips are easier to maintain and can be done every four to six weeks.


Extensive grooming is needed. They must be bathed regularly and clipped every six to eight weeks. The ears should be checked regularly for mites and the ear hair should be pulled out if necessary. The traditional clips were developed to lighten the weight


Major concerns: sebaceous adenitis, gastric torsion

Minor concerns: distichiasis, entropion, cataract, CHD, epilepsy

Occasionally seen: PDA, vWD

Suggested tests: skinpunch for SA, eye, (hip)