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Country of Origin: Netherlands

Group: Terriers

Section: Large and medium-sized Terriers

Original Function: cattle herding, guardian

Todays Function: cattle herding, guardian, companion

Dimension Male: 40-50 cm

Dimension Female: 40-50 cm

Weight Male: 12-20 kg

Weight Female: 12-20 kg

Litter Size: 4-7 puppies, average 5

Life span: 12-15 years

Other Names: Dutch Sheepdog, Dutch Schapendoes

Colors: All colors are acceptable, but blue grey and black are preferred

Living: the schapendoes needs a place to run and play. they have a lot of energy and need to expel it. the

Recognized: FCI


The Schapendoes is a breed of dog that is native to the Netherlands. It has been referred to as the shaggy sheep dog of Holland. It is also called the Dutch Sheepdog. The Schapendoes is a breed that is high strung and friendly. These are large dogs that have a lot of fur that is shaggy in appearance. They are very welcoming to people in general. This breed is very intelligent and lively. Throughout its history, they have been known as a dog for common people. The Schapendoes has not been overly bred over the years and because of that, they have very little health problems. Sometimes the Schapendoes can be stubborn but they are also independent and brave. This breed has what some have referred to as unkempt and ruffled appearance. At the same time, they make good companions. The Schapendoes has also performed well as a sheepdog. They are cheerful and hardy. This breed gets along well with a family that is rough and active.


Schapendoes are lively, active, and fun-loving. They are very playful, and will play tirelessly with children. They are friendly, cheerful and intelligent. Brave and courageous, this breed has been kept as a sheepdog for a long while. They are gentle, can be independent minded, and stubborn. They are affectionate with friends and family, and not an aggressive breed. They make excellent watchdogs. They can be a bit high-strung. They have a lot of energy and like to do a job. They have strong herding instincts. They are good natured, easily trained and reliable.


This breed is somewhat energetic, but gets most of its exercise from jumping, running, playing or herding. They get much exercise if they have a job to do, or a child to play with.


The fur can get rather matted when they are puppies, so frequent brushing should occur. They have naturally shaggy and unkempt fur, but it does require brushing to remove tangles and mats. The Schapendoes" ears should be checked regularly for infection an


Major concerns: CHD

Minor concerns: patellar luxation

Occasionally seen: elbow dysplasia

Suggested tests: hip, knee